Traditional solar is complex and inefficient

Traditional solar fields are designed with a ‘brick and mortar’ mindset. Such as buildings or motorways, these projects require intensive planning, design, logistics and construction – an inflexible and resource-intensive approach to infrastructure delivery.

Correspondingly, traditional solar demands site-specific procurement which often leads to logistical, environmental and geotechnical problems. Overcoming these requires complex solutions involving extensive management overheads and highly skilled installation expertise. All of which add cost, time, and risk to every project. And very little thought is given to what happens to the equipment and site at the end of project life.

Prefabrication: simpler, more efficient and lower risk solar

By reducing friction and complexity, prefabrication has game-changing benefits over the current solar construction model.

With pre-built, ready-to-assemble modular assets, a prefabricated solution:

  • Reduces overall costs and inefficiencies.
  • Moves supply chain, logistics and quality control from site to controlled factory conditions.
  • Maximises the power density shipped in each container.
  • Ensures all parts of a solar field arrive together and on time.

Our prefabricated NOMAD solar trackers have been designed with operational efficiency as the number one goal. Not only does this lower risk, shorten timeframes and open up new commercial opportunities, it also dramatically expands the market for solar. In other words, prefabrication allows for the same utility-scale benefits on both large grids and smaller plants in more remote locations.

Steps to install





Easy decommissioning - ‘leave it as you find it’

By designing the solar to be quick to deploy, prefabrication also makes it far easier to decommission at end-of-life. This builds far more flexibility and peace-of-mind into the planning process and drastically reduces the cost at project end.

Using prefabrication to power short-term projects

Until now, the short operating life of solar has forced investment in generation capacity to be amortised over a shorter period, resulting in higher costs of energy.

By designing solar to be moved, we enable power companies to profit from the entirety of its useful life. This means that the investment can be amortised over multiple short-term projects using the same asset, resulting in more attractive economics.

Prefabrication is a key enabler to movable solar – making light work of energy generation.