Take solar wherever you need it

We’ve designed our NOMAD to be deployed in the widest range of conditions possible. This all-terrain adaptability, provides the flexibility to offer a standardised, simple, and cost-effective alternative to fossil fuels in a flexible yet scalable manner.

Harness the power of the sun

Using single-axis solar tracking and bifacial solar panels, our NOMAD increases energy yields by up to 60% more than other movable solar systems – meaning fewer solar panels needed for each deployment compared to other prefabricated options. And unlike traditional solutions, our trackers can be redeployed with ease, enabling projects with short or uncertain operating lives to benefit from low-cost solar energy.

Making solar simpler than ever

Leading the way in solar innovation, NOMAD trackers deliver cutting-edge factory-precision,
directly to site, providing you with the cheapest electrons solar can deliver.

Move &

Low transport costs
Compact design allows 400 solar panels mounted on tracker frames to be transported per 40-foot high-cube container – up to 40% higher transport density than traditional systems.

Quick to deploy
NOMAD Savannah is up to 4 times faster to deploy than traditional solar. Prefabricated units are easy to install by local workers, keeping labour costs to a minimum.

Tested in all terrains
Suitable for undulating and challenging terrains, with minimal piling. Difficult conditions pose no problem – eliminating the need to flatten ground.

Light footprint
On top of saving time and money on preparing difficult sites, with less solar panels needed per deployment even the largest of projects can be cost effective.

Use &

Expertly designed
Designed with precision by recognised solar tracking industry experts, with over 2 GW of designs installed across North America, Europe, and South America.

Advanced tracking
Follows the sun from east to west, generating up to 35% higher energy yield and flatter generation curves than fixed-tilt solar systems.

Increased yields
Mounted with bifacial modules that collect solar energy from the front and back to increase energy yield by up to 20% extra on top of solar tracking gains.

Strong and durable
Prefabricated to the highest standards in a controlled factory environment, NOMAD Savannah is built to survive tough conditions for over 25 years.

Remove &

Modular and scalable
Built in modular units, NOMAD Savannah is designed to be scalable and flexible, ideal for long term and short projects from 15 kW to multiple MW.

Easy to move
Simple to pack up and move without leaving a trace, our portable trackers reduce the impact on the local environment and eliminate the risk of units being stranded.

Movable assets that are simple to redeploy open the door to brand new business models, including short-term PPAs and solar rentals.

Help at every stage
Thanks to our extensive expertise and proven track record, we can assist you at every step – from conception right through to exit.

Installation made simple

Thanks to their prefabricated design and modular format, our solar trackers require fewer shipments and can be installed up to four times faster than traditional systems. What’s more, only partial site assembly is required – simply unload, position, anchor and deploy. Depending on the site, we offer a range of anchoring solutions for a variety of geotechnical conditions. Our flexible trackers can be anchored with piles, ballasts, stake trees and ground screws, with cable anchors often proving to be the most efficient option.

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