Helping our customers implement solar

For every type of application, we guide customers through the process of implementing solar and introduce them to our trusted partners to deploy our technology. We set independent power providers up for success by providing them with bespoke advice on project feasibility, equipment selection, finance, execution, and operation. Our team of experts will be on hand to support you at every step.


We help customers evaluate the feasibility of implementing solar – we analyse technical and economic aspects then recommend bespoke solutions for their situation.


Through our network of partners, we assist customers in finding financing for projects that best fit their needs on a corporate, project or asset level.

Equipment Selection

We advise customers on selecting and sourcing the most suitable equipment for their projects to achieve optimum energy generation at the most cost-effective prices.

Equipment Sales

We take a longer term view of costs and benefits, with our NOMAD solar trackers suited to projects where installation costs are high, logistics are complex, or the project life is short.


We leverage our network of EPCs, installers and other suppliers to find the best partner to implement your solar project.


We assist customers in operating and maintaining their solar installations throughout the lifecycle of their project.

A lifecycle approach to solar

By taking the long view, we aim to lower costs and minimise waste over the 25-year life of a solar asset. Combined with mobile solar equipment, this approach unlocks benefits not previously associated with solar energy – including short-term power contract, rental power fleets, and highly decentralised power initiatives.

Our design philosophy enables our customers to maximise their sustainable development goals. Our modular and standardised equipment is flexible enough to be installed anywhere, yet still perform like large-scale solar when installed. Suitable for quick decommissioning, our equipment encourages a multi-period approach to solar. This enables customers to reuse, repurpose, and ultimately recycle – making it well-suited for a range of development applications.